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Added a generic idea group for those with native mechanics.
# Ideas Policies - Poland: Nihil Novi now tangier casino las vegas also gives some WE reduction.Added idea groups for Huron, Iroqouis, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Pueblo, Shawnee Creek.Tsardom and Principalities now kasyno twin peaks have three new unique abilities, Reform Sudebik to reduce autonomy by 10 in all provinces.Allied objectives given to other countries are now shown as map icons.Leader selection now closes when you hit escape.
Now possible to trade in your home node even if its out of range - Colonial Protector overlords now get power in all trade nodes their subjects have power as well.

Mississippi now also feeds St Lawrence.10 Expanded Royal Bureaucracy Ottoman event: The Expansion of the Royal Bureaucracy Option: Expand the Royal Bureaucracy until ruler changes.Boosted basetax in brazil, la plata, spanish main, mexico central america - Added river estuary modifiers to Stadacona, Manhattan and Swampy Cree - Removed Center of Trade modifier from Stadacona and Manhattan - Mombasa now have a trade centre modifier.Manchu provinces now start with Feudalism.15 Genroku Japanese culture event: Genroku-era Option: Start the era of Genroku!Clients no longer gets banned for quitting the game.Old effects are unchanged.Price Change events "Development of Veneering" and "Popularization of Silk Fabrics" can now trigger in their respective ages or after instead of only then.Protestant event "Hostile Publications" now correctly referred to as thus, rather than claiming to be about lotto 13 09 18 wyniki hostles.No longer blocked from renaming provinces in Single Player if the MP setting for renaming provinces is disabled.Scripting separate badboy_factor and prestige_factor for defender in wargoal now works - Re-scripted all wargoals that use separate attacker/defender settings - wargoals are now applied at all cases in peacescore calculations.
Trade power now propagate upstream into empty trade nodes.

"border_distance" and "capital_distance" variable exportables now use "who" and "with" to determine targets.