harry potter lego 1-4 bonus level 5

You'll find the second and third ingredients positioned on pedestals located on the ledges to the left.
Shatter the wall gry karciane fantasy na pc with the mandrake's shrieks, then plant the mandrake within the nearby pot.
PS3, xbox 360, wii, dS,.Stand in front of the gate and wave.Make your way to the Knockturn Alley.Assemble the colorfull bricks forming an E alphabet.Now have Scabbers head siłownia białystok bohaterów monte cassino through that piping, as gim im bohatreo monte casino zloencieec well.Blast the Dementor to get the green apple.Next, you need to assemble some ingredients to brew a potion in the golden cauldron that you've just accessed.Activate the first set of buttons to open the cell with a cauldron.
Head right, equip the earmuffs from the wardrobe.

Move on and create a bridge from the bricks.Bonus Level 2: Bonus Level 3: Bonus Level 4: Bonus Level 5: Bonus Level 6: Bonus Level 7: Bonus Level 8: Bonus Level 9: Bonus Level 10: Bonus Level 10, bonus Level 9, bonus Level.Now have Scabbers climb up the tubing that the glass wall had blocked.You've complete the whole game!Have Scabbers activate both switches.As Hagrid arrives, make him pull the lever to make an opening in the pipes to the right.A wooden ledge will lower so that all characters can proceed to the right.Defeat two Dementors, then get rid of Devil's Snare.
Grab it and drop it into the soup.
In your Ravenclaw guise, head left to the far side of the area.

You can purchase it at the Madam Malkin's Robes for 1,000,000 studs.
Assemble a door form the debris, then wave to it to open the door.