Bdvhha: 3588, yupavp: 3906, mkwavp: 3956, kuptfi: 6471.
Enter duwhha to make the handling more realistic.
Enter " iffflg " as a code (bonus lakeside inn and casino prime rib code 1215).
No damage Enter " mzdcaf " as a code (bonus code 0659).Enter kuptfi " as a code (bonus code 6471).Enter " lsxqjl " as a code (bonus code 6471).Enter " uskcdo " as a code (bonus code 6778).Enter " iffydd " as a code (bonus code 7208).Enter " odcuxh " as a code (bonus code 2569).Enter fbmmei to turn damage off.Realistic physics Enter " SIM " as a code (any bonus code).Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ, advertisement, note: This game is also titled toca Race Driver and V8 Supercar Race Driver.All Cheats, edit, complete all the global events in 1st place to unlock the final Head casino gry maszynowe 2 Head with Ravenwest.Repeat this process until you get the desired number.The game's codes are matched to the bonus code of each game, which will vary.Bonus competitions, when you complete the lola World championship, you need 8 million to unlock two more competitions involving the cars you win in one-on-one challenges.Enter " osamwr " as a code (bonus code 2072).Enter zroooy " as a code (bonus code 1298).
Delete your game file from your hard drive, then reload the game.
Enter " fnzwyf " as a code (bonus code 1298).

Enter " lsdvwe " as a code (bonus code 9881).Enter " yhyxmf " as a code (bonus code 1521).Enter " sldrkv " as a code (bonus code 1215).Enter " mzdhha " as a code (bonus code 3956).Enter " odcjpy " as a code (bonus code 6471).From there, select the cheats you wish to activate.Enter " damage " as a code (any bonus code).Enter " rbbdsl " as a code (bonus code 8224).Ypjqin: 2569, mvqavp: 3588, zeuhha: 3906, mzdhha: 3956.After winning this final race you will unlock all the cheats.Code - Unlocks, tUN58396 - All drift cars.